I did my first “photo-job” recently – a friend of mine needed photos of her arts-and-crafts for her blog/web-site in making. Her name Is Petra and we work together (so, theoretically, I spend more time with her than my husband). She is simply adorable – blond, petit, kind, shy… “all-in-one” combination. I knew she was making decoupage in her free time but I didn’t know how good she was until she made my birthday gift.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, decoupage is a 20th century word which comes from the French word „decouper“ meaning to cut out. Motive from paper or napkin is cut out, reassembled, designed and then glued to a painted or gilded surface. It is used to decorate all kind of objects – furniture, lanterns, windows, gift boxes. The most traditional technique includes applying 30-40 layers of varnish which are sanded to a beautiful smooth sheen. However, cut-outs may also be applied under glass or alternatively raised to give a three-dimensional appearance. Today, decoupage is well combined with various techniques as shabby chic or pittorico. Shabby, vintage and retro style is coming back, old fashioned furniture has become part of modern apartments, coffee bars, restaurants, even clothes.

When I asked her how she began to make all these beautiful boxes she replied:
My favourite coffee bar is decorated as comfortable living room in shabby chic pastel-coloured lavender design, inspired by Tuscany fields. As curious as I am, I have Googled a bit, found the decoupage tutorial, then bought few acrylic colours, crackle lacquer, paintbrushes and decoupaged my first glass marmalade jar in famous Raphael’s angels motive with nice cracked effect. Since then, every wooden, plastic box, jar or plate tells its own story. A lot of my decoupage became special and personalized birthday gifts for dear friends.

If you like her work, you can contact her (pkadija@yahoo.com) and get yourself a unique, custom made piece of decoupage or surprise you loved ones with a gift…   

This is my surprise-birthday-present box. She found out I simply-and–utterly adore Tim Burton and his work so she themed the box with a character form his animated film Corpse Bride. Isn’t it just perfect?

Here are some more boxes she made and their purpose is various:  

Our directors’ birthday was in January so we got her some jewellery and Petra made this box: