#26. Take a photography portrait course

While post processing photos from last Sunday, I realized what my biggest weakness right now is. And, of course, the hardest thing for me to overcome on this course… 
I find it very difficult to properly instruct a model for a pose that will enhance her best face and figure, and more importantly – convey my message. I have all this ideas in my head but the minute the model and I are face-to-face, all my ideas just evaporate from my head… and I have no idea how to instruct her to pose… and then I come home and bang my head against the wall wondering what happened (cause in the mean time, all of the ideas came back, of course).

So, my new mission is to overcome posing! While surfing the internet last night I found Model Posing Guides & Tips software called Model Pose 1.1 pro, lots of articles and tips and a couple of books… I also downloaded some of my favorite photos and I will dissect very inch of them… I girl gotta start somewhere, right? 🙂