#2. Buy a weekly planner and organize myself once-and-for-all

As much as I love technology (I can’t imagine my life without laptop or iPod or mobile phone), deep down I’m a paper gal. I love writing things down (yes, on a piece of paper with a pen), just love the way paper feels under my fingertips, love making lists and crossing things over…I even love coffee stains on my notes. And, every respectable paper gal has a pencil box; so do I (of course)…for my five different kinds of markers and pens and crayons… cause, you never know which color you will be needing next 🙂
But, I have neglected the “paper gal” lately… so I wrote my notes, quotes, things-to-do, books-to-read, and appointments all-over-the-place – in my calendar, in my phone, on post-its… needless to say – I got pretty unorganized… So, I decided to put an end to this by buying myself a planner: