I’ve never been good with resolutions. I love the idea of making them but I usually fail at the discipline required to keep them. During my “reading the Internet” quest in finding proper literature for my master thesis I came across idea/movement that tickled my imagination – “101 in 1001”.  The purpose is to a list of 101 goals you want to accomplish in roughly 2.75 years. So I decided to make my own 101 list 🙂

How come I’m posting this? Cause, if it stays on paper somewhere in my drawer I would probably forgot about it and I don’t want to do that – this way, because it’s out there where everyone can see it, I am in a strange way “obligated” to fulfill as much goals I possibly can 🙂

START DATE: January 1, 2011
END DATE: September 28, 2013
      1.       Complete an MBA in Marketing (I already attedned all classes so I „just“ have to write my master thesis) (completed, 21.05.2012)
2.       Buy weekly planner and organize myself once-and-for-all (completed, 06.02.2011)
3.       Have a camera always with me
4.       Launch a blog (completed, 22.01.2011)
5.       Post on blog at least twice a week for three months (completed, 10.05.2011)
6.       Take a hot air balloon ride
7.       Ride a quad
8.       Take a ride on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle
9.       Learn how to ride a Jet Ski
10.   Learn how to ski (completed, 25.03.2011)
11.   Go on a rock fest
12.   Jump from an airplane (with a parachute, of course)
13.   Read two books a month for a year
14.   Have a date night once a month with my husband for an entire year
15.   Visit my parents once a week for an entire year
16.   Visit my grandparents once a month for an entire year
17.   Have coffee with my brother once a month for an entire year
18.   Treat my brother to something nice — he deserves it 🙂
19.   Go dancing-all-night-long once a month
20.   Have a sex-and-the-city night on the town with my girls once in three months
21.   Go to the theater once in two months for an entire year
22.   Go to the gym 3 times a week for an entire year (regardless the weather conditions or more-interesting-things-to-do)
23.   Flatten my tummy (by going to the gym three times a week)
24.   Have defined arms like Jasmine Star
25.   Go on a picnic
26.   Take a photography portrait course (completed, 10.04.2011)
27.   Complete a Photoshop tutorial
28.   Research a well-known wedding photographer (completed, 30.05.2011)
29.   Launch my own Web site (completed, 02.12.2011)
30.   Shoot my first boudoir session (completed, 06.11.2011)
31.   Shoot my first wedding (completed, 27.08.2011)
32.   Shoot my first engagement session
33.   Shoot my first maternity session (completed, 06.10.2011)
34.   Improve my website search optimization
35.   Learn how to make slideshow-photography-videos (completed, December 2011)
36.   Go one week without TV (completed, May 2011)
37.   Eat fresh fruits at least three times a week (completed, 2011/2012)
38.   Go to MSU Zagreb
39.   Put a bun (or two) in the oven 🙂 (completed, 08.04.2012.)
40.   Create a easy-to-search cookbook with my favorite recipes
41.   Start a herb garden on our balcony
42.   Plant climbing plants on our balcony (and make sure they don’t wither this year…)
43.   Bake a pie. From scratch. (completed, 2012)
44.   Clean out my closet (completed, 03.04.2011)
45.   Swim in the ocean
46.   Go to a concert of an artist I love (completed, 08.06.2011)
47.   Purchase Canon 5D Mark-II (completed, 18.05.2012)
48.   Take a road trip with my husband and stop along the way (completed, June 2011)
49.   Take a road trip through wine roads of Istria with my maid of honor
50.   Go to Sarajevo (and eat best ćevapi)
51.   Stay at a luxury resort and go to the spa
52.   Sit and watch a sunset somewhere cool (completed, 26.06.2011)
53.   Spend two weeks/year while home without touching the internet, email or anything social media related
54.   Travel to Dubrovnik
55.   Travel to Cuba
56.   Travel to NYC
57.   See a musical on Broadway
58.   Buy myself a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes
59.   Travel trough Europe (completed, June 2011)
60.   Visit Ana in Paris
61.   Buy a book at Shakespeare and Company
62.   Put aside 200 kn a month (for rainy days)
63.   Create a collage of prints of our honeymoon trip to Madeira
64.   Watch all 100 movies on AFI’s 100 Greatest American Movies list
65.   Start a 365 Project (Take a Photo a Day) and finish it this time 🙂
66.   Select and develop photos from our travels (Egypt, Madeira, Paris, Ireland) and sort them into albums
67.   Take pictures of my grandmother
68.   Take pictures of my mother
69.   Read 12 business books in a year
70.   Go to IKEA and buy missing accessories for our flat (photo frames, carpets…)
71.   Make a list of stuff I miss in the kitchen and buy them (pots, wok…)
72.   Purchase Macro lens
73.   Purchase Zoom lens (completed, 30.08.2011)
74.   Purchase Canon Speedlite Flash (completed, 20.04.2011)
75.   Figure out flash photography
76.   Decide if I want a Facebook Fan page & start one if so  (completed, 13.09.2011)
77.   Learn how to prepare fish
78.   Learn how to prepare cheese strudel (family recipe) (completed, 12.02.2011)
79.  Learn Lightroom software
80.   Read a classic literature book I haven’t read before
81.   Learn Spanish
82.   Organize and photograph a stylized bridal shoot (completed, 16.10.2011)
83.   Go olive picking
84.   Leave a gift on a friend’s doorstep
85.   New home project: romantic balcony (with candles and flowers and pillows…)
86.   New home project: new chandeliers
87.   New home project: living room at seaside house
88.   Throw a party for someone
89.   Treat my parents to dinner
90.   Treat my in-laws to dinner
91.   Go to riding school
92.   See national park Plitvička jezera in spring
93.   See national park Risnjak in fall
94.   Cook meal two times a week for six months (completed, 2011/2012)
95.   Visit Venice Carnival
96.   Camp at national park Mljet
97.   Find time to read newsletters I prescribed to once a week
98.   Explore park Maksimir throughout all seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter)
99.   Learn how to cook beans with sausages (completed, 06.01.2012)
100. Travel to Peru and visit Machu Picchu
101. Bake a new cake every week (preferably, chocolate one cause life is soooo sweet)